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WordPress Development

Do you want to work on your existing WordPress blog or website? Or do you want to build up a smart WordPress website? We specializes in WordPress-specific solutions and projects.


While this one may be a little confusing, it certainly is of prime importance. Would you be OK with owning a website that can be loaded only on regular computers and no tablets, smartphones etc.

CreativeDexign Web
Development Process

Step 1: Discuss Your Requirements

This the stage where our web design department will receive your requirements and provide suggestions to finalize the purpose of the project, along with cost approval and confidential formalities to get your project started.

Step 2: Design Approval

On understanding your project requirements we build a UI wireframe to ensure all elements that include headers and tags are appropriately placed as per your business requirements.

Step 3: Development Integration

Once you are satisfied with the design demo, your dedicated web developer will convert the design into functions using proven methodologies.

Step 4: Quality Check

Here your project is then forwarded to our quality department team who will check the functionality of forms and scripts, multiple browser compatibility, and device responsive using Bootstrap friendly framework.

Step 5: Demo & Maintenance

Our testing department will then present you a live demo by an FTP transfer program to upload website files to your server. We do provide hosting services to make your website live.
Additionally, we do provide regular maintenance service to ensure your site is up and running always. Our maintenance service also includes content management services to optimize website information with time.

Why CreativeDexign for your
Web Development Services?

Cross-Browser and Device Compatibility

We ensure every web design is responsive and compatible with multiple browsers that include Firefox, and IE (Internet Explorer) 7. Adopting proven manual testing, our expert team of designers is well-versed with working popular testing frameworks that include Bootstrap.

Google-Friendly Site

Understanding the concept of crawlability (bots ability to crawl your site), Obtainability (bots ability to access information and parse your content), and critical rendering path-our team of SEO experts will consider all important parameters to ensure your website is SEO optimized always.

E-commerce Development

Familiar with working on popular e-commerce platforms that include WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento, also get a chance to create your own customized e-commerce website to ensure customer-focused usability to stand out from the crowd.
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